African cuisine tipped as next big trend in retail as Gourmet Africa brand launches in UK

Gourmet Africa (UK) has launched with a range of its top-selling and authentic cooking sauces – all developed to meet consumers’ favourite flavour profiles from different regions across the diverse continent of Africa.

The range comprises of four authentic, delicious sauces inspired by old traditions of Africa and provides something new and innovative for consumers, whilst offering an exciting opportunity for the World Foods’ category.

With Africa broadly perceived as ‘the next big trend’ on the World Food’ stage, Gourmet Africa’ sauces can be used with all protein and vegetarian options. With varying degrees of spice and heat, the home cook can provide an authentic meal in minutes that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Attractively packaged to capture the essence of Africa, and containing all natural ingredients and spices, not only does each sauce offer a delicious new option, but a healthy one too. Each pack (400g) is gluten free and gives a generous 4-portion serving, offering the ultimate convenience and value.

Paul Rostand of Gourmet Africa maintains that the new range will re-energise the World Foods’ category as consumers seek new flavour profiles in line with travel and lifestyle trends:

“Increasingly, the world is coming to our table” he says “with ever more adventurous dishes trends being adopted and embraced both out of home (within restaurants) and increasingly in the home.

“Discerning consumers want to replicate their travelling experiences at home and also want something new. We’ve seen Indian, Thai, Moroccan and South American cuisines capture the consumer imagination and now Gourmet Africa provides retailers with the opportunity to offer the vibrant and exotic taste of the African continent enabling them to drive further innovation and revenue into the category”.

The Gourmet Africa range:

BOBOTIE CURRY (South Africa Cape). Bobotie Curry has been known in the Cape of Good Hope since the 17th century. It is a mild and fragrant sauce where the recipe always calls for dried fruit, usually apricots, mild curry and turmeric, giving it a memorable sweet and spicy flavour. Bobotie has become integral in South African cookery vocabulary. Bobotie Curry sauce is delicious cooked with lamb, beef, chicken and vegetables or can be used as a sauce which is excellent with BBQs or directly onto chips, burgers rice and pasta.

DURBAN CURRY (South Africa). Durban is home to a large vibrant Indian community hailing originally from Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Durban Curry is a very spicy hot Southern Indian red curry with lashings of flavour from the tropical coast of South Africa. The curry’s dominant red colour comes from the fiery dried chillies and famous “mother-in-laws tongue” curry mix. Durban Curry is delicious with all proteins, or as a vegetarian option.

CAPE MALAY CURRY (South Africa). Cape Malay Curry sauce was inspired by 17th century slaves from both Indonesia and India who were brought to the Cape of Good Hope. The resulting curry dish remains highly popular to this day. The sauce is a combination of sweet and savoury flavours, using sweet spices, like cinnamon and ginger, dried fruit and savoury seasoning like garlic and onions. Cape Malay Curry sauce is delicious with all proteins or as a vegetarian option.

DORA WAT (Ethiopia). Doro Wat is a medium to hot spicy Ethiopian stew prepared with chicken, vegetables and flavoured with spicy Berbere paste which is made from chillies, garlic, ginger, fenugreek seeds, dried basil and black pepper and garnished with hardboiled eggs. Simply add beef to this sauce and enjoy the popular SegaWat. Doro Wat sauce is delicious with all proteins or as a vegetarian option.

Each sauce contains 400g of sauce, comes packed six to case with 18 month ambient shelf life. RRP £2.99.