Aggressive pricing boosts volume for Fine+Rare wines


Fine+Rare, the international fine wine trader, claims its aggressive pricing policy for the newly-released 2010 vintage from Bordeaux is resulting in strong sales volumes, despite reports the London market is suffering with some traders experiencing a drop of up to 80% of the volumes traded last year.

Fine+ Rare said its sales volumes have remained consistent with the levels achieved last year and are now beginning to move strongly ahead.

At the same time Fine+Rare has launched a dedicated website ( to promote the 2010 vintage, which gives buyers access to a databank of analytical information to help them make wines elections including tasting notes from leading wine journalists, latest market intelligence and the ability to plot charts to compare values of vintages.


Mark Bedini, Fine+Rare CEO said: “Because of the high price expectations for this vintage we expected the 2010 vintage would be a more difficult sell than the much hyped 2009’s but it is a magnificent vintage and we decided from the off that we would seek to putas much value into the buyers’ hands encouraging collectors to buy. That strategy is working and as word gets around we anticipate sales accelerating ahead of last year’s levels.”