Albert Heijn autonomous store powered by AiFi lands at Schiphol Airport


AiFi, the technology company creating the world’s most advanced store automation systems, is powering and providing the Nanostore template for the new Albert Heijn digital store which literally “landed” at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

The autonomous store is now open to the busy travellers at the world’s fourth busiest international airport, where they can experience the speed and convenience of checkout-free shopping. Through to the end of January, visitors to the store can just walk in and walk out. They can tab a (contactless) debit card at the door to open it automatically. Then shoppers can get the products they want and simply leave. The items are automatically registered and paid for. Shoppers can also check their purchases at the exit to verify the receipt.

The small-footprint, portable digital store now sits on the Jan Dellaert Square in front of Schiphol Plaza, after being transported on the back of a trailer truck from its initial test location at Albert Heijn’s headquarters in Zaandam (video) where it has operated since September.

“The airport is a perfect place for autonomous stores. Travelers are very aware of their time and need food and drinks at a variety of hours. We are very happy to collaborate with Albert Heijn to bring more convenience and delight to busy travelers,” said Steve Gu, CEO and co-founder of AiFi. “This speaks to the original design thinking behind NanoStore: to make a plug-and-play modular store so it can be easily placed and moved where people need it the most.”

“Speed ​​and convenience are paramount for our travelers. We are happy to give a stage to this innovation from Albert Heijn and are naturally extremely proud that we can be the first to offer visitors to Schiphol the benefits of checkout-free shopping. Albert Heijn and Schiphol have been working together for years. We are constantly looking at how we can improve the shopping experience through the use of new digital technologies, for example,” said Irene Muysson, head of retail, food & beverage and commercial services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.