Aldi highlights ethical credentials in new TV advertisement


Aldi is set to unveil a new television commercial, entitled ‘Everyday Amazing’, which will screen during Emmerdale at 7.15pm. The commercial is part of a new integrated campaign that marks a new positioning for the retailer, showing there is so much more to Aldi than what many already associate with the brand – quality food at unbeatable low prices. The campaign outlines more of the unique ways in which Aldi does business as it relates to the ethical ways it runs its supply chain, sourcing and treats employees.

Coming out of the champion performance of its Team GB partnership, in which Aldi laid the foundations for its British sourcing standards, the work extends Aldi’s storytelling to aspects including employee wellbeing, fairness and responsible sourcing standards, which is increasingly as important as value in modern shoppers’ minds.

Maintaining the humorous style the supermarket has become synonymous with, it features a new endline ‘Everyday Amazing’ which details surprising ‘coffee table’ facts about Aldi’s way of doing business, whilst also bringing a smile.  These include the fact that Aldi sells over 22,000 free range chickens a week in the UK; that Aldi sells enough Champagne to launch 3,000 ships every day; that its Specially Selected Scottish Salmon is RSPCA Assured, and was voted by UK suppliers as the fairest supermarket to do business with. What’s more, Aldi was also the first UK supermarket to sign the National Farmers Union Fruit & Veg Pledge.

Adam Zavalis, marketing director at Aldi UK, said: “This is more than just a strapline; this is what sits behind how we have been doing business for over 25 years in the UK. Whilst we’ve fuelled phenomenal growth in the category, even many of our shoppers are unaware of all that sits behind our headline low prices. This is our next step in a long line of behaviours to address that.”

Having shown that it can’t and won’t be beaten on price, Aldi’s new integrated campaign underlines the discount retailer’s increasingly wide appeal to UK shoppers as a go-to destination for high quality, responsibly sourced goods.