Aldi introduces 11 new spirits for summer

With summer fast approaching, there’s no doubt we’re looking at how we can pack a fruity punch and add a colourful twist to our beverages in the warmer season. Have no fear, as shoppers can keep their ‘gins’ up (literally) with Aldi’s latest spirits festival and indulge in a selection of 11 new spirits. From nostalgic candy shop tipples to sweet and spicy gins and alcohol-free delights, Aldi has you covered to keep you sipping all summer long.

With the love for retro sweets ever-growing, let Aldi take you to the Candy Shop and reminisce over memories with these sweet and unforgettable Infusionist Gin Liqueurs. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, these nostalgic flavours include citrus-packed Lemon Sherbet (£9.99), classic favourite Rhubarb & Custard (£9.99), succulent Strawberry & Marshmallow (£9.99), and tropical twist Passionfruit & Orange (£9.99).

Other tipples in the range include three new flavours of Aldi’s own botanical gin brand, Haysmith’s, which brings gin lovers a taste of sharp and invigorating Pink Grapefruit & Orange (£15.99), the refreshing and fruity combination of Raspberry & Thyme (£15.99), and the bright and bold Strawberry & Peppercorn (£15.99),which creates a delicious sensation of sweet and spice.

Aldi claims it understands the consumer demand for more adventurous cocktails, which are hassle free but don’t sacrifice on wonderful flavours. The supermarket has you sorted with these perfect cocktail ingredients; try the Tamova Infusions Cloudy Apple Vodka (£12.99) to spruce up an Appletini, for something tropical and exotic like a Rum Punch, opt for Aldi’s Crossbones Tropical Pineapple Dark Rum (£14.99) or if you’d rather go a little more sophisticated, knock up a classic espresso martini using Barista Brothers Coffee Liqueur (£7.99).

Don’t drink? No problem! For the first time ever, Aldi has launched its very own non-alcoholic spirit, retailing for only £9.99. The brand-new beverage costs a whopping £16.00 less than Seedlip’s Spice 94 Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit. As the demand for non-alcoholic drinks continues to rise, the Kvist Rosa Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit (£9.99) will bring something to the table for everyone.

These new arrivals are now available in store and online nationwide, providing the perfect pairing for an Instagram-worthy cocktail or refreshment amidst the blossoming, warmer months.

Available in stores and online now

Haysmith’s Raspberry & Thyme Gin (£15.99)

Haysmith’s Strawberry & Peppercorn Gin (£15.99)

The Infusionist Lemon Sherbet Gin Liqueur (£9.99)

The Infusionist Rhubarb & Custard Gin Liqueur (£9.99)

The Infusionist Strawberry & Marshmallow Gin Liqueur (£9.99)

The Infusionist Passionfruit & Orange Gin Liqueur (£9.99)

Tamova Infusions Cloudy Apple Vodka (£12.99)

The Barista Brothers Coffee Liqueur (£7.99)

Crossbones Tropical Pineapple Dark Rum (£14.99)

Kvist Rosa Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit (£9.99)