Aldi to sell Ukraine’s most popular beer, Chernigivske, and donate profits to humanitarian relief

Supermarket Aldi has announced it will sell Chernigivske, Ukraine’s most popular beer brand, in stores nationwide from May 1st (£9.99 for 10 x 440ml). All profits from sales will go towards humanitarian relief in Ukraine. Brand-owner AB InBev is guaranteeing at least $5m from the initiative, with funds distributed across designated NGOs.  

Chernigivske, also known locally as “Che”, is considered a national treasure in Ukraine. Originally brewed as a gift to celebrate the 1,300-year anniversary of the city from which it got its name, Chernigiv, it remains the number one beer brand in Ukraine.  

Like many Ukrainian businesses, the Chernigiv brewery closed its doors at the end of February. However, the brand has since started producing its lager in three breweries across Europe, with plans to open additional locations across the globe. Aldi proudly stands in partnership with Chernigivske, stocking the beer across stores nationwide, making every can count.  

“Che” is a crisp and refreshing lager, originally brewed with character that perfectly balances strength and spirit; fruity aromas highlighted with light hoppy notes. It is a traditional Ukrainian lager loved and shared by generations of Ukrainians.  

Chernigivske lager is available in Aldi stores from 1st May, £9.99 for 10 x440ml and available as a pack of four from mid-May, while stocks last.