Aldi unveils fruity craft beer offering for International Beer Day, 6 August 2021


Aldi has expanded its craft beer range to cater for growing consumer demand after it was revealed that Brits bought a staggering extra 515 million litres of beer over the past year.

Tapping into the trend for fantastically fruity beers, Aldi’s summer craft beer range includes strawberry lager, grapefruit IPA and a delicious New England IPA with a tropical twist. All available in store now –raise a tin to the British BBQ season and get the beers in for International Beer Day (6th August). Cheers to that!

Shoppers can take it to the next level with beer flavoured food for the ultimate International Beer Day celebrations. Aldi’s succulent Oakhurst Chicken Skewers (£2.49, 450g) are thickly coated in a beer and honey glaze, making them the perfect party snack or to create a full main, just add Aldi’s Four Seasons Potato Wedges (65p, 750g) and Nature’s Pick Sweet & Crispy Salad Bowl (75p, 150g).

To accompany the skewers, Aldi’s summery selection of beers includes:

The Hop Foundry Sharp Tongue Grapefruit Pale Ale (440ml can, £1.39)

A delicious fruit-infused lager with notes of citrus, this grapefruit pale ale is vibrant and fresh – perfect for those summer evenings.

The Hop Foundry Strawberry Lager (440ml can, £1.39)

berry delicious tinny – this balanced and crisp lager has a delicious strawberry aroma; a winner in the hot weather.

10-4 New England IPA (440ml can, £1.39)

Full and juicy with a tropical fruit twist, these unique New England IPA flavours will be a hit for those with a sweeter palate.

10-4 British Lager (440ml can, £1.39)

A clean, crisp, and utterly refreshing blonde Pilsner lager, this is ideal as an uplifting tipple for any summer day.

The Hop Foundry Twice As Nice Double IPA (440ml can, £1.59)

Twice As Nice and at an excellent price, this premium canned classic is developed with rich and intense hop malt flavours.

The Hop Foundry Stout About It Vanilla Stout (440ml can, £1.59)

Give mates something to Stout about with this full and creamy ale which features sweet hints of vanilla.

St Pierre Belgian Blonde Beer (750ml bottle, £2.99)

Jazz up Beer Day celebrations with the St Pierre Blonde Beer, enriched with spices to set those taste buds soaring.

For incredible value, big flavour lager try one of these:

El Bandido Beer Bière Cerveza Tequila Flavour Beer (3x330ml bottles, £3.49 – £1.10 per bottle)

A beer with a twist, the El Bandido offers the freshness of a lager with the kick of tequila, a boastful pair with the licence to tequil-ya taste buds. What’s more, this punchy lager will save shoppers £1.50 compared to popular Desperado Beer (3x330ml bottles, £5.00)[2] – Olé!

Sainte Etienne Premium Lager Beer (12x440ml can, £8.35 – 60p per can)

Beer happy with this full-bodied lager – a fruity flavour partnered with a slight grainy taste; ideal for those looking for a strong flavour in their beer choice.

San Marcos Premium Lager (500ml bottle, £1.29)

Refreshing, hoppy and set to be one of Aldi’s best-sellers, this quality lager is an unbeerlievable option which satisfy on both taste and price.

For the customers that need help finding the best beer to suit their personality, Aldi has launched a fun quiz – ‘Which Brew Are You’ which asks people a few simple questions to identify their personality type.

The Adventurer: The life and soul of the party, this person has a real thirst for new experiences – Try Aldi’s St Pierre Belgian Blonde Beer (750ml bottle, £2.99).

The Cool Guy: Uncomplicated, low-key, and un-interested in theatrics, this cool character enjoys the simple pleasures in life – Try a modest Lager or Pilsner such as Aldi’s 10-4 British Lager (440ml can, £1.39) orSan Marcos Premium Lager (500ml bottle, £1.29)

The Hipster: If everyone else is doing it, you can be sure this person won’t be – Aldi suggests El Bandido Beer Bière Cerveza Tequila Flavour Beer (3x330ml bottles, £3.49)

Strong & Mysterious: You never really know what this person is thinking, but their calm, mysterious demeanour always sparks curiosity from others – choose from a range of fruity lagers including The Hop Foundry Sharp Tongue Grapefruit Pale Ale (440ml can, £1.39) or The Hop Foundry Strawberry Lager (440ml can, £1.39).

Aldi’s summery selection of beers, ciders and ales are available in stores and via Click & Collect now – with the beer and honey glazed skewers available in store only now too.