AliExpress invests in social commerce initiatives to help you save hundreds


AliExpress, a global retail online marketplace under Alibaba Group, recently launched its latest social commerce initiative, Bonus Buddies, to give back and bring joy to its users during this challenging time. Available in over 200 countries and regions, the initiative allows AliExpress users to earn bonuses for their next purchase through social sharing and gifting, empowering shoppers to connect with their friends and family in this time of social distance. 

Under the program, users earn instant rewards upon getting a friend to register on AliExpress. They can withdraw the rewards for their next purchase once they have achieved an accumulated value of 20 Euros.

The launch has seen consumers flocking to the platform to enjoy the one-stop shopping experience and treating themselves to the variety of products offered, attracting over 2.8 million participants worldwide to-date. Users also created the hashtag #AliExpress20 to share tips with fellow shoppers. The program reached over 4 million Twitter users within the first two days of its launch. In the United Kingdom alone, an average of 2,000 users participate in the program each day.

Bonus Buddies also successfully encouraged interaction between consumers from different markets, making the online shopping experience truly global. AliExpress data saw consumers from different countries inviting one another to sign up and build cross-border connections. Among all participating users, about 15% of users participated in the activity through the assistance of users from another country.

“As the pioneer of the “shoppertainment” concept, we see enormous opportunity in social commerce. As the social contract continues to evolve, consumers are looking for ‘feel-good’ experiences to anchor them and novel opportunities to interact with friends and loved ones. We have been investing heavily to boost our offerings to continually serve our shoppers and sellers better. With the 11.11 global shopping festival around the corner, we will be pushing out more social initiatives across European markets to spread joy and benefit our shoppers,” said Shirly Yuan, the director of platform operation center of AliExpress.

AliExpress has launched a series of successful and well-loved social sharing initiatives across its key markets. Invite Friends is a program that rewards users who successfully encourage their friends to make their first purchase on AliExpress by sending vouchers. AliExpress also introduced Coupon Pals for users to invite friends to play an interactive minigame together to win coupons.

Recognizing the power of key opinion consumers in social campaigns, the e-commerce platform has also invested in its influencers network. Anna, a young AliExpress user from Ukraine who loves to share the best in-app deals through social media, has gained over 40,000 followers on AliExpress. After joining AliExpress Connect, a platform launched in May to empower influencers by digitalizing and scaling their businesses, Anna acquired 3,000 new supporters in just two months.