Almondy partners with Cadbury and Philadelphia for branded frozen desserts range

Cadbury Pack Shot

Swedish baker Almondy has added two cakes to its best-selling range of frozen desserts by linking up with the biggest brands in their fields – Cadbury and Philadelphia.

The new Cadbury Chocolate Mousse & Almond Cake and Philadelphia Almond Layered Cheesecake with Lemon tap effortlessly into consumer megatrends for indulgent, convenient yet natural treats, the company claims  And, by harnessing the proven power of the superbrands, arm retailers with a compelling offering for increased sales, Almondy adds.

Cadbury is the leading name in the chocolate tablet market, where it accounts for 42.2% of sales. The Cadbury Chocolate Mousse & Almond Cake combines an almond base with chocolate cream and a layer of chocolate mousse, covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk and topped with Cadbury Dairy Milk buttons.

With a 71% market share, Philadelphia is the UK’s top cream-cheese brand. The Philadelphia Almond Layered Cheesecake with Lemon combines an almond base with layers of Philadelphia, covered in lemon frosting.

Cheesecake Pack Shot

New cheesecake

Topping Almondy’s almond-base and butter-cream cakes with well-loved confectionery brands such as Toblerone and Daim has already helped the baker buck the general 3.2% decline in the £188m frozen dessert market where own-label sales have fallen even further, by 4%. On the contrary, Almondy has boosted year-on-year sales by 5.5% to become one of the top five brands in the frozen dessert retail market. And its Toblerone-topped cake became one of the UK’s top 10 desserts last year.

Andrew Ely, managing director, Almondy, said: “Almondy is already a well-established brand within the frozen dessert and special diets category so we are thrilled to be able to extend the sales opportunity for our retail customers with two superbrands that offer shoppers the reassurance of a fantastic taste, familiarity and nostalgia they seek during times of austerity. 

“Cadbury is a key player that will add considerably to the freezer appeal of our confectionery-topped line, while Philadelphia adds a new string to the Almondy bow with cheesecake being one of the big three must-stocks when it comes to frozen desserts.” 

As with Almondy’s Almond Cake topped with Daim and Toblerone, Cadbury Chocolate Mousse & Almond Cake and Philadelphia Almond Layered Cheesecake with Lemon have a universal appeal for customers of all ages, the company claims.

Being naturally gluten-free and baked in a dedicated gluten-free site to prevent cross-contamination, they enable retailers to tap into the booming gluten-free market (valued at £136m) by catering for both coeliacs and chocolate/cheesecake lovers with one product – a win-win when freezer space is limited in-store.  

The hardest working cakes in retail are also suitable for kosher and halal diets and health-conscious shoppers will be further reassured by their all-natural ingredients.

The launches also mean a new look for Almondy – the packaging is designed to stand out in the frozen aisles and help retailers cash in on the Swedish bakery’s success by prominently promoting the key selling points – the co-branding, indulgent taste, the gluten-free credentials and the short freezer-to-fork time – that have made Almondy the UK’s fastest-growing frozen dessert brand.

Almondy has been perfecting its creamy, delectable cakes – inspired by a secret Swedish recipe that dates back to the 1890s – for over 30 years. Today Almondy is enjoyed in more than 45 countries and is enjoyed by 106m people every year.

Cadbury Chocolate Mousse & Almond Cake and Philadelphia Almond Layered Cheesecake with Lemon have a RRP of £3.19.