Amazon Fresh move is a risk, says retail expert


Peter Ballard, co-founder of global product and service design company Foolproof, claims Amazon’s Fresh delivery roll out in the UK could be risky if it doesn’t create a seamless experience that links back to the historic ‘Amazon way’ that customers are used to. If they can’t recreate this, it could risk turning off customers completely, he maintains.

Ballard: Amazon is a leader in non-perishable goods

Ballard said: “As a leader in shipping non-perishable products, I’m intrigued to see how Amazon transforms itself as a leader in delivering fresh goods with Amazon Fresh. Has Amazon taken innovation too far this time, or will the gamble pay off and position them ahead of trade grocers?

“Its core service is familiar with millions of users worldwide, and if the patterns and interactions users have on Amazon Fresh are too different this could breed user experience issues, increase friction and possibly decrease purchases and the chance of winning loyal customers. 

“For Amazon to succeed as grocers and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, they need to focus on delivering the best possible user experience. This begins by looking at their current offering and speaking to and observing current and potential online shoppers to identify what works and what does not with their current experience.”