Amazon is consumers’ top UK retail website, finds Verdict

UK consumers visit Amazon more than other retailer website, a new poll by retail analyst Verdict reveals.

Verdict asked consumers which online retailers they visit when considering making a purchase (purchase visits). It found Amazon is streets ahead of its rivals in terms of traffic. The pureplay retailer received 18.8% of purchase visits, with eBay, which came second in the poll, some way behind with 7.6%.

The poll also shows:

  • Tesco is the only grocery retailer in the top five
  • Asda has made the biggest gains in the top 10
  • Next is the most visited clothing specialist
  • Oasis has plummeted 36 places to 93rd
  • Boots has dropped four places while Superdrug has climbed 19
  • Asos is the 19th most visited website

Matt Piner, senior retail analyst at Verdict, said: “One of the main reasons Amazon gets so much traffic is its dominance in small, discretionary, frequently purchased products such as books, music, films, video games and clothing.”

Despite Amazon and eBay taking the top two positions in the poll, the rest of the top 10 is made up of non-pureplay retailers, with the exception of, which takes fifth place.

Piner said: “Online has the potential to offer a more level playing field than the high street, as there is potential for smaller retailers to compete with their larger rivals in a way that they are not able to do with physical stores.”

However, the poll reveals consumers still prefer the big names, and it is the biggest retailers that dominate the top 10. In fact, the top 10 accounts for more than half of all “purchase visit” traffic. This reveals, despite their size, these retailers have become adept at personalising the shopping experience and catering to their customers’ individual needs, as well as handling the logistical side. As a result, consumers do not feel the need to defect to smaller rivals.

Although the top 100 has remained fairly stable compared to the previous year, there have been some notable changes.

Piner said: “Clothing retailer Oasis has plummeted 36 places compared to last year, and Boots has dropped four to 28 as consumers seek out value in health and beauty. While Superdrug is still some way behind in 62nd place, it has made considerable gains, jumping up 19 places.”

The top 10 are:





John Lewis



Marks & Spencer


*Tesco (3rd) and (97th) are tracked separately

** Asda (7th) and George (24th) are tracked separately

Source: Verdict Research