Amazon is world’s top retail brand by value

BrandZ: Amazon is top retailer

BrandZ: Amazon is top retailer

Amazon has been ranked the world’s top retail brand by value in the Brandz 2011 league, published by global research agency, Millward Brown.

Amazon took pole position in the retail rankings with a brand value of $37.6bn, up 37%. It beat Wal-Mart, with a brand value of $37.3bn, into second place.

Tesco – $21.8bn – is ranked third followed by French grocer Carrefour, $13.8bn.

The price-driven end of the market thrived in the 2011 league, said Millward Brown. This included retailers like Poundland in the UK and Dollar Stores in the US.

At the other end of the retail spectrum, luxury retailers prospered because their customers had money and felt free to spend it.

Researchers said channels continued to blur, however, especially as more retailers added food to drive traffic.