Amazon Small Business Accelerator launches new online bootcamp to support entrepreneurs and small businesses with expert exporting advice


The Amazon Small Business Accelerator, a major support package for UK small businesses and startups founded by Amazon and Enterprise Nation, announces a two-day bootcamp, Selling Globally with Amazon, which will take place on Tuesday 26th – Wednesday 27th January 2021, providing free education to small businesses on how to sell their products globally on Amazon’s stores.

Following the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the two-day course provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain clarity on how to sell into the EU with Amazon, as well as guidance on selling to the USA and Australia. The event will include presentations from trade experts on how to navigate the current exporting challenges for SMEs, details of how to use marketing and brand tools on Amazon, and a chance to meet a successful small business selling partner reaching customers around the world with Amazon.

Attendees will be offered six hours of free training and support on how to sell successfully from a range of experts. They will also be connected to a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and receive ongoing access to a network of trainers and advisers from Enterprise Nation to assist them throughout their business journey.

Simon Donegan, head of seller services, Amazon, said: “Amazon is proud to be working with Enterprise Nation to deliver free education to business owners and entrepreneurs in helping them navigate the opportunities afforded by going global online. Through this bootcamp small businesses will be equipped with the tools, knowledge and support they need to address the challenges of today, by establishing a successful online operation and reaching customers around the world.”

Emma Jones CBE, head of Enterprise Nation, said: “Exporting and going global is clearly a huge topic for small businesses and as they tackle new transition-related responsibilities for the first time, free bootcamps like these are vital to ensure we can help guide firms through these challenges. Despite everything, the UK’s startup appetite has not been dimmed and remains as strong, if not stronger, than ever.  What is clear however, is that the demand for early-stage support and guidance on everything from what to include in a business plan to how to export to the US and of course, the EU, has exploded. These targeted bootcamps will help to support the UK’s enterprise community through this period and beyond.”

Graham Stuart MP, Minister for Exports at the Department for International Trade, said: “The 5.9 million small businesses in the UK are the backbone of our economy. Those that export are typically more productive, more profitable and jobs with them are more secure. Yet many who could export do not do so because they lack the market knowledge and exporting expertise. So I welcome Amazon’s Small Business Accelerator online bootcamp and the support it will provide to businesses to start trading overseas. It’s a fantastic initiative and could make all the difference to firms’ survival and growth. We are, once again, an independent trading nation and, as my department negotiates trade deals around the world, it’s essential that entrepreneurs are able to take advantage of them. Amazon’s bootcamp will help them do exactly that.”

According to research from Enterprise Nation, a fifth of UK adults want to start a business in 2021, and of those, 12 per cent say they would need extra support to get it off the ground, whilst 19% say they need more training before taking the plunge.

Small businesses across the UK can sign up to the bootcamp here, but spaces are limited. The Amazon Small Business Accelerator also offers a free, online educational programme for anyone who wants to start a new online business or grow an existing one. As well as bootcamp events like this one, attendees have access to the online learning which is tailored to people’s experience level, with a comprehensive curriculum covering website building, selling online, social media, marketing, managing cashflow, selling on Amazon, and identifying growth opportunities.