American-style sharing popcorn from EPIC to hit shelves this summer


Popcorn for big night In occasions

EPIC, the American-style brand, has launched giant sharing tubs of popcorn in three flavours, which will hit grocery retail shelves this summer. Sweet & Salty, Cotton Candy and Smokin’ Hot Chilli Popcorn will be available in Tesco from August with an RRP of £3 each. Distributed in cases of six, it will also be on offer to convenience and wholesale retailers.

The last few years have seen an explosion in the popcorn business as the all-American snack was hailed as Britain’s fastest-growing grocery product in September last year. Conversely, crisp sales are in a three-year decline, as popcorn sales have doubled in value since 2013 rising more than 10% in 2017 to reach £152m.

This is attributed to gourmet flavours, as well as the product bearing naturally healthier credentials, such as a lower calorie count and being suitable for coeliacs. EPIC’s three-strong sharing range sits firmly in the luxury, indulgent end of the market.

The product is aimed at the ‘big night in’ market, affiliated with the rise of home streaming channels such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, as more families opt to watch movies from the comfort of their own home and buy in snacking food as the perfect accompaniment.

Jason Beaumont, director at PWBrands, said: “We have spent time developing three fun flavours, that nod to current trends, to be enjoyed as popcorn should be – straight from the bucket. We are tapping into the trend for all things American with big flavours and big, sharer sized-snacking food. EPIC Popcorn is positioned as a fun family purchase to tuck into during home movie nights.”