Anatwine partners with MetaPack to provide personalised and seamless delivery experience

Global online fashion platform Anatwine, announces it has signed a partnership agreement with leading provider of delivery management solutions MetaPack. The partnership will see the two fast moving tech companies collaborate to enable brands and retailers on Anatwine’s revolutionary global fashion network the ability to offer consumers a seamless and personalised delivery experience in line with increasing customer expectations.

With delivery playing an increasingly important role in driving customer loyalty and conversion in eCommerce shopping, MetaPack’s technology will be integrated with the Anatwine platform as a key component of its innovative network proposition. The partnership will result in brands and retailers being able to provide further choice and convenience in delivery options, ensuring they keep pace with ever increasing consumer demand for flexibility, whether it’s next day or same day delivery, click and collect or a different pick-up option.

Bruce Fair, chief revenue officer, MetaPack Group, highlights the strong potential of this partnership: “The fashion retail industry is increasingly appreciating that delivery is a key differentiator in driving consumer loyalty, increasing conversion and exceeding customer expectation. As such, many retailers are looking at innovative ways to make delivery more cost-effective whilst providing customers with greater options and a higher level of flexibility. Our integration with Anatwine will help ensure that the brands and retailers on Anatwine can meet their delivery promises to customers, regardless of delivery method or location, and that each and every order provides a seamless and personalised delivery experience. We very much look forward to seeing where our work with Anatwine will take us.”

Anatwine overcomes the constraints of the traditional forecasted buying model by connecting in real-time brands’ and retailers’ business systems through a single integration. Crucially, this enables the retailer to present the brand’s optimal stock mix to its customers at all times and allows the brand to fulfill the retailer’s online orders within the boundaries of the retailer’s clearly defined Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Chris Griffin, CEO and founder, Anatwine, adds: “In a market increasingly dominated by the quality of the overall customer experience, from the online stock mix and personalisation through to delivery, no retailer wants to be left behind. Our partnership with MetaPack will provide the brands and retailers on our network with the competitive edge they are looking for in terms of driving consumer loyalty through effective delivery methods.

“Both fashion retailers and brands alike now have the potential to exploit a real-time, global network to collaborate and innovate in order to deliver the perfect, personalised product mix for consumers. This approach will not only drive up engagement, market perception and profitability, but the benefits of real-time merchandising supported by a consistent experience for the customer, of which delivery is a key component, is hugely financially rewarding for both brands and retailers.”