Anya Media launches latest version of online merchandising solution


Online retail agency Anya Media has launched a new version of its Runway merchandising solution.

Targeted at merchandisers, e-commerce managers, buyers and range planners across the retail sector, Runway is designed to reduce the risk involved in stock buying and selling.

According to the company, it helps retail businesses preserve margins that might otherwise have been jeopardised by heavy discounting of excess stock.  

Building on the platform provided by Runway Tier 1 Retail, Anya Media’s legacy software for retailers, the new Runway merchandising solution is said to boast an intuitive user interface and a modern ‘look and feel’. The software enables retail companies to gather relevant information about their customers, in line with profiles of their likes, dislikes and reasons for buying, the company claims.

Runway then helps retailers turn everything they have learnt about their customers into products that match their precise needs, while at the same time enabling them to focus on the margin ratios that are essential to maximising profits. In this way, the product helps retailers address many of the challenges they are confronting today in dealing with a hostile economy and radical changes in the prevailing business model, says the company.

Anya Media managing director, Christina Grzasko said: “Retail businesses are currently facing a ‘double whammy’. They have no experience either of being in a recession or of the changes being brought about by the shift online. Traditional best practices are no longer sufficient to enable retailers to navigate their way through the combined pressures of the recession and the shift of business online.

“To be successful in today’s retail environment, solutions providers need to combine the learnings from traditional practices with the best practices from the new retail environment. Runway is designed to best deliver this mixture of innovative new and old established techniques to make processes more efficient for retailers – and it helps retailers to listen to and understand their customers to best serve them, regardless of the wider climate.”