App offers new way for retailers and membership programmes to engage customers

The global loyalty industry is growing at 10% per annum but is facing huge obstacles, largely due to the decline of consumer engagement and a perceived lack of benefit for merchants. Offering a unique solution to this problem is Bink – a brand new, free to download app that for the first time, securely and automatically links card payment to loyalty schemes.

Headquartered in the UK, Bink focuses on capitalising on the $100 billion a year global loyalty industry through its innovative platform and app.

Launching to consumers later this year, the Bink app enables high street retailers to reward and directly engage their customers automatically in store, through the simple act of them paying with a linked payment card.  All payment cards are accepted; Credit cards, Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards and even mobile wallets.  So there’s no need to fiddle with your purse looking for a plastic loyalty card or to unlock your phone to show an app at the till.

Several major loyalty schemes have signed up to Bink ahead of its consumer launch, including: Avios, Virgin Atlantic and HMV to name a few of the partners. Each partner will offer customers increased value in return for their loyalty, with more to be announced over the coming months.

Set to reinvigorate the loyalty market, the app focuses a consumer-centric service providing considerable benefits to both consumers and the merchants.

Bink supercharges existing schemes and makes it easier for retailers and brands to engage with their customers on a deeper and more personal level, simply by understanding their individual spending habits. Retailers and membership programmes will also be able to identify and encourage new customers to join their loyalty schemes as Bink identifies customer spend and highlights additional programmes relevant to their shopping habits but are not already members.

Bink provides a seamless journey for consumers to interact with their favourite loyalty programs – without the need to remember to carry numerous loyalty cards or present a virtual card at point of sale. With Bink, the act of paying now means consumers automatically receive their rewards from the brands they love, and can easily see their points balance at the touch of a button.

Commenting on their involvement, Paul Miller, Director of Digital and Innovation at Avios said: ‘We are proud to be partnering with Bink. Without asking our customers to make any changes to how and where they spend their money, using Bink will make it possible for them to gather the points they might otherwise miss out on and be able to enjoy their rewards faster.’

CEO of Bink, Lee Clarke, said: ‘Bink bridges the gap between retailers and consumers. For too long there’s been a lack of understanding between the two, which is where the friction lies. Bink offers a simple solution by making it possible for partner retailers to ID all shoppers and then engage them with highly relevant and bespoke offers – subsequently increasing customer visitations and transactions, whilst importantly, adding value to the shopper’s experience.’