Argos report highlights how retail behaviour changes during the festive season

The average shopper expects to spend a whopping £365 on Christmas presents this year, whether that is through pounding the pavements of the high street and retail parks or from the comfort of our own homes.

That’s according to the Way We Shop Report released by Argos today which looks at the changing face of shopping in the UK as we get set for the final countdown to Christmas.

The most generous shoppers can be found in the North East where spend is expected to top £469 on average – while other high-spending regions include Wales (£434), Scotland (£415) and the North West (£413). The East of England (£307), South West (£312) and Yorkshire (£329) expect to spend the least.

The vast majority of shoppers will be fusing traditional high street and high-tech shopping solutions as they attempt to complete their Christmas gift-buying mission over the next couple of weeks. Only 9% say they will be doing their shopping exclusively online (and not by any other means).

Where we shop continues to change as 7.35m of us are shopping from bed, almost a million others shopping on the loo and more than half a million buying in the bath.

By the first week of December, less than one in ten shoppers had completed their Christmas shopping while the majority of us still have a lot left to do. A savvy 6% (some 2.8m shoppers), say they will be bagging last minute bargains by mixing and matching ways of shopping, researching and reserving items on their smart phones on the way into town and collecting in the stores at a time that suits them.

Men are more likely than women to go surfing for Santa’s gifts, while almost a fifth of shoppers will be using a tablet device to get their Christmas stockings sorted this year. Value for money, wide product range, quick service, delivery options to suit needs and customer service came out as the most important things that customers are looking for from retailers, both online and in-store, this Christmas.

The Argos Way We Shop Report reveals our shopping habits outside of Christmas and has identified a series of shopping tribes. This includes ‘Shopping Einsteins’ who apply a military precision when it comes to shopping and ‘Digital Magpies’ who pride themselves on securing the best deals.

Online shopping is now as much a part of our weekly routine as shopping in stores – four in 10 of us browse and shop online using a computer or laptop at least weekly, while 15% shop via tablet and one in ten use their mobile for shopping at least once a week.