Arla Foods enters yogurt category in UK with protein product


Arla Foods, the farmer-owned dairy company, has today launched Arla Protein into the yogurt category.

Made from natural ingredients, Arla Protein is high in protein and fat-free. It will initially be available in Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry flavours and one 200g pot of protein yogurt provides 20g of protein, 40% of the UK recommended daily reference intake (50g).

The launch is part of the co-operative’s ambitious plans to make Arla a leading dairy brand name in the UK over coming years. It will be launching further products as well as range extensions across the dairy portfolio supported by significant above and below-the-line advertising campaigns. Arla said it sees a particular opportunity with launching products to compete within the yogurt category, with the UK yogurt market having seen value growth in recent years.

Arla Protein is a quark base made using skimmed milk from Arla farmers. Quark provides a super thick texture and the production process concentrates the amount of protein to produce a naturally higher level than in a traditional yogurt.

Stuart Ibberson, category director, Arla Foods UK, said: “The Arla name presents a great opportunity to be able to build a brand around the inherent healthy credentials that dairy has to offer and entering the yogurt category strengthens our position as the leading dairy company in the UK.

“Arla Protein is healthy, fat free, delicious and tasty, and a great way to a protein fix in just one pot. In particular, it’s a great treat after exercise, since protein contributes to maintaining and growing muscle mass, so we believe it will appeal to increasingly active, health-conscious consumers.  It is also an opportunity for us to attract active 25-35 year olds into the category.”