AS Watson uses AI to power skincare solutions, doubling conversion rate

AS Watson, the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer, leverages AI solution to deliver O+O (Offline plus Online) customer experience. Its seamless integration of digital technologies with retail experience has been proven to drive customer engagement and ultimately lead to increased conversion and sales.

AI-Powered Skin Advisor Doubles Conversion

AS Watson has introduced a Tech Partner programme to accelerate digital transformation with US$1.6 billion investment since 2012. Within its Tech Partner ecosystem, A.S. Watson has been working with Revieve to develop an AI-powered Skin Advisor, which analyses skin conditions to give suitable product recommendations based on biometric data.

Superdrug’s customers in the UK can now take a selfie and answer some simple questions to receive personalised and in-depth skin analysis, as well as a bespoke list of product recommendation on mobile device. Since introduction, Superdrug has seen an over 20% increase in average order value and over 100% improvement in conversion rates. Riding on the success in the UK, Asia is expected to launch its own Skin Advisor in the first half of 2022.

In recognition of how it is paving the way for a new O+O retail standard, AS Watson has recently been named in the Retail Week Tech 100 List, the annual index of technology leaders influencing retail, a testament to its seamless strategies in its offline and online presence.

Dan Jarvis, chief digital officer of AS Watson Group (Europe), said of the inclusion: “We are thrilled to be recognised as one of the top players in the retail industry worldwide. Leveraging O+O AI solution, we can make the new digital experience personalised, pleasant and effortless to our customers. Our eLab team will continue to utilise the latest retail technology to make shopping across any touch point with our brands – whether digitally or in store – a real pleasure.”

Superdrug’s AI-Powered Skin Advisor :