Asahi Breweries drives profits and customer satisfaction with APT’s Test & LearnSoftware

Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) has announced that Asahi Breweries, the largest beer producer in Japan by market share, has signed an agreement to license APT’s Test & Learn software.

Asahi Breweries was founded over a century ago and brews some of the world’s best known beer brands, including Asahi Super Dry. Asahi will leverage APT’s software to identify, measure, and improve key initiatives across their sales, marketing, pricing, and retail operations. Asahi has already started using APT’s software to further fine-tune their support for restaurant partners.

APT collaborated with an IT Service Provider, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, and worked with Asahi to pilot the Test & Learn software. During the pilot, the software helped Asahi analyse multiple high-potential initiatives.

Toshiya Onozato, director of Asahi Breweries, said: “It is our top priority to support our clients to help increase their sales and profits. To do this, it is very important to learn how each initiative works and to identify what is the ‘winning pattern.’

“Traditionally, to figure out which initiative would generate profits, we used to roll it out and wait to understand the results. But by introducing APT’s Test & Learn software, we can predict the impact of the initiative before rolling it out. This enables us to understand the impact of new programmes with higher accuracy.

“For example, when we were considering introducing a new beer menu at a restaurant network, we tested the idea using APT’s software. We found that the new beer menu did not lead to the expected increase in margin and also decreased the sales of beer. Based on this result, we decided not to roll out the initiative. Instead we tested an alternative initiative and found out that the impact of the new initiative was profitable for both the restaurant network and us. APT’s software identified the profit improvement opportunities for this initiative and improved collaboration with the restaurant company.”

APT SVP,  Naohiko Oikawa,  said: “We are excited and pleased to be working with Asahi’s innovative and analytical team. We look forward to continuing to help Asahi and their partners use a data-driven approach to decision-making.”

APT’s client relationships span various industries and include many global manufacturing and restaurant organisations, including Coca-Cola, Kellogg, P&G, Costa, KFC UK, and Pizza Hut Restaurants, among others. These organisations leverage APT’s software to analyse a range of initiatives, from retail servicing, sampling, and marketing to menu, promotions, and operations changes.