Asda claims world first with launch of rich ad messaging campaign


Asda claims to have launched the world’s first rich ad messaging campaign. Engaging its Easter audience via a scrolling ad message on their mobile devices whilst they browse the web and apps, the campaign then combines this mass broadcast execution with the high impact value of rich media engagement.

Developed by Manchester-based Regital, in conjunction with Carat UK, the campaign for the retailer reveals three consumer touch points through ticker-tape ad messaging, rich-media including current TV ad, and then finally the destination website.

Ian Vint, director of Regital, said: “The immediate response from mobile ad messaging is familiar to brand advertisers, so it takes a progressive client to embrace the opportunities that can be gleamed from redirection. By introducing rich media post ad message, we are able to showcase content the consumer is already connected with, before they land on the destination site. Third screen advertising is commonplace in the industry, but this is the first mobile campaign to combine these unique executions, and is breaking new boundaries.”

The campaign was launched on 30.4.15 by Regital using the Zapp360 tech platform.