Asda deploys Tyco Retail Solutions to boost inventory accuracy of George clothing

Inventory visibility project

Inventory visibility project

Asda is deploying RFID-based technology from Tyco Retail Solutions to improve the accuracy of its inventory for its George clothing brand. 

Speaking at the BRC’s Omni-Channel Retailing event last week, Alessandro Della Monica, Tyco Retail Solutions vice president SPS EMEA, said the Wal-Mart-owned retailer wanted to become “very precise” in its inventory accuracy, particularly in relation to size availability.

The technology, which is currently in the deployment phase, is also designed to reduce the level of markdowns and drive sales increases through improved item availability. 

Della Monica said Asda had “big ambitions in terms of customer satisfaction” and the Tyco solutions helped to free staff up from onerous stock checking activities to focus on generating business and spending time with customers.  

Tyco Retail Solutions operates in 50 countries, working with 80% of the top 200 retailers and across 175,000 stores. 

It provides inventory intelligence based on RFID technology plus shopper intelligence.

According to Della Monica, the business is focused on driving omni-channel sales and providing a seamless brand experience across channels.

Della Monica told delegates how Tyco Retail Solutions’ RFID technology has increased inventory accuracy in the shoe department at leading US omni-channel retailer, Macy’s, from 65-75% to 95%.

Macy’s flagship New York store offers 20,000 pairs of women’s shoes and the store faced a challenge in managing the inventory.

Macy’s was able to tag every display shoe with an RFID label, and easily and accurately inventory the shoes on display each day.

Della Monica said Tyco’s shopper intelligence tools can also help retailers measure store traffic and dwell times and can be combined with sales data to highlight retail performance. The technology can showcase the effectiveness of a promotion in driving traffic and conversion rates off the shelf, for example. 

“If you don’t have the data, you just have to guess,” he said.

Solutions can also help retailers understand bottle necks of display and develop effective merchandising.

Tyco Retail Solutions is exhibiting at RBTE (11-12 March 2014) and will showcase its RFID inventory visibility solution in retail environments including changing rooms.