Asda drives in-store visits through smart digital advertising


Carat North reports it has completed its most comprehensive UK digital campaign with Tapad, the leader in cross-device marketing technology. Coupled with location-based audience data from Statiq, this marks the first time a UK-company has measured the impact of unified, cross-screen campaign on in-store visits.

Carat North served display and video ads to grocery shoppers for the leading retailer Asda from August through October. During the campaign, Tapad utilised Statiq’s audience data to measure which users visited a store after being exposed* to the campaign’s ad on multiple device.

The digital campaign demonstrated a lift of 59% for in-store visits when users were exposed to ads on three devices over people who were shown an ad only one screen.

Those who engaged with the ad were also 411% more likely to visit an Asda store. Of those who were exposed to an ad, 248% were more likely to visit a store. Impressions served to mobile devices saw the highest success rate with an in-store visit lift of 67%.

The campaign leveraged Tapad’s proprietary technology, The Device Graph, which  Nielsen confirmed Tapad’s cross device accuracy to be 91.2%, to serve ads sequentially on connected devices belonging to the same user.

“The ability to know which devices belong to our customer, coupled with the ability to deliver the right ad, and right message, wherever they are and on whatever device they’re using, has been something this industry has long needed,” said Steve Thornton, digital account manager, Carat North. “We’re impressed with the results that have come from the work with Tapad and Statiq for this media-first, and look forward to continuing to offer these solutions to clients like ASDA. Matching unified cross-device capabilities with real insights on campaign performance is an invaluable advantage in the marketing world.”

“This campaign is a perfect example of the capabilities of cross-device advertising,” said Are Traasdahl, founder and CEO, Tapad. “In addition to reaching users across devices, we’re able to analyse campaign results and determine how different combinations of ad exposure, creative type or view frequency affected their decision to visit a location.”

“As a location data specialist, Tapad is our ideal partner  –  they are an industry leader and by working with them we are able to determine the impact unified messaging has on real world consumer behaviours,” said Dean Cussell, co-founder of Statiq. “We believe this type of analysis will significantly aid brands in optimising future ad spend.”