Asda launches exclusive Polaroid lines in instant camera brand’s 75th year

New Polaroid range at Asda

New Polaroid range at Asda

Asda has teamed up with Polaroid, the company famous for instant film cameras, to launch an exclusive range of Polaroid branded products in stores from 26 July 2012. 

Ever since the introduction of the Polaroid Land Camera in 1948, people around the world have been capturing moments using instant photography. Now celebrating its 75th year, Polaroid has expanded beyond cameras and into a wider variety of consumer products. 

The new range includes high definition TVs, home theatre systems and portable movie players.

Whilst Polaroid is best known for creating an instant sharing experience with cameras, the technology invented by its founder, Edwin Land, is actually at the heart of all modern televisions, said Asda. 

Special polarising filters, essential to LCD technology, were originally developed in Polaroid laboratories.

Among the new Polaroid products offered is a high definition 3D TV, which is claimed to be half the price of many similar models. The 42in Polaroid LCD is priced at £399 and comes with four sets of 3D glasses. 

The television has integrated digital Freeview, 3 HDMI sockets, PC input and a SCART socket.

“We’re extremely proud to be stocking this exciting new range of products from Polaroid,” said Michael Arnott, Asda’s technology expert. “It is a brand synonymous with high quality, instant entertainment and value and therefore a perfect fit for our customers.”

“Polaroid has a fantastic brand heritage and all the new products, from TVs to phone docks, share that original purpose – to entertain at the press of a button. After 75 years, Polaroid continues to update its image and the new range of products showcase some very modern technology at very attractive prices.”

The full Polaroid range, which will include audio products, launches officially on 26 July 2012 and is exclusive to Asda. All Polaroid products are available in larger Asda stores and online from