Asda launches ‘fang-tastic’, limited edition, red ‘RC Dracola’ for Halloween

RC Dracola: Halloween treat

RC Dracola: Halloween treat

American drinks brand Royal Crown (RC) Cola is launching a limited edition red RC Dracola in Asda stores to target Halloween.

The name Dracola was created by Asda customer, Jodie Daubny, following a nationwide competition this year.

With its blood-red colour and refreshing bubbles, this fang-tastic fizz will make the perfect drink for any Halloween party, the company claims. 

In addition, it features a glow in the dark label. It retails at £1 for a 2-litre bottle.

RC Cola has also put together a few serving tips:

  • Create an ice-scream cola float by popping a scoop of ice cream into a half-filled glass of RC Dracola
  • Prepare a petrifying punch with RC Dracola as your base and garnish this with eyeball sweets
  • Pop a pair of plastic vampire fangs over the base of a glass and the fill with Dracola and crushed ice for a fresh and frightening treat

RC’s limited edition red cola is available at 217 Asda stores across the UK (while stocks last).