ASDA Media Partnerships successfully rolls out WMX on


Asda Media Partnerships today announces the successful integration of its proprietary Walmart Exchange (WMX) platform, for enhanced media opportunities on

Following the rollout of WMX earlier this year, participating brands have seen up to seven times the average click through rates (CTR) when compared to the UK average.

WMX has enabled brands, including early partner Lucozade, to take full advantage of Asda’s media proposition by connecting its bank of exclusive first-party purchase data to Asda’s advertising platform. Addressing key advertising challenges of segmentation and user profiling, WMX enables more accurate targeting, measurement and programme optimisation based on actual browsing and purchase behaviour (as opposed to third-party data points such as demographic or geographic attributes). As a result, is seeing CTRs of up to seven times the UK average for standard banners.

WMX enables product suppliers to maximise the effectiveness of their brand budgets, while seamlessly allowing shoppers to purchase. Such brand messaging combined with their existing trade marketing activity drives incremental sales on the Asda platform. This innovation also benefits the Asda shopper who will see more relevant advertising as they browse

Today’s shoppers increasingly expect their ecommerce experience to be personalised to them, and brands have started looking to understand user buying habits while on the path to purchase. Working with Asda’s digital media sales agency, Triad Retail Media, Lucozade has seized the opportunity and is among the first brands to take advantage of Asda’s WMX offering.

The WMX platform specifically addresses three main challenges brands are faced with when rolling out and maintaining media programmes: targeting, measurement and optimisation.

  • Targeting: Enhanced user segmentation and profiling for brands through access to first-party buyer-habit data, key search term usage and browsing habits
  • Measurement: Enables customer behaviour comparison of media-exposed shoppers versus non-exposed, allowing for measurement of true incremental impact
  • Optimisation: In the future this will allow campaign managers to update and optimise their media programmes, creating a loop of targeting, measurement, refining and retargeting

Alex Crowe, head of Asda Media Partnerships, commented: “Data that is actionable and provides new insight is at the forefront of every advertiser’s mind. Our WMX solution puts our unique, valuable data in the hands of brands, allowing them to make informed, highly targeted decisions when building out their media strategies on our digital platforms. What’s more, we live by this too — it’s the same data that Asda uses to reach its own target audience.”

Triad Retail Media’s executive vice president international, Jill Orr, added: “This is a great example of how digital retail media can benefit advertisers. Not only does advertising on retail platforms enable better targeting informed by purchase behaviour, it also introduces the ability to create brand awareness and can personalise the customer experience when they are in a shopping mindset.”