Asda pilots online hub to get fresh suppliers collaborating on sustainability

Asda has launched an online hub for its meat, produce and bakery suppliers to collaborate on improving their water, energy and waste efficiency.

Working with the online community of sustainability experts, 2degrees, Asda has set up the The Asda Sustain & Save Exchange, an online space where suppliers can share best practices, learn from their peers, ask questions and explore opportunities for collaboration. 

The Exchange supports Asda’s transformational Sustainability 2.0 strategy, which sets targets for its products and supply chain. Its launch also follows a recent Asda report – Green Is Normal – which shows Asda’s customers are demanding sustainable products and don’t expect to pay a premium for them.

“Sustainability isn’t a bolt-on or stand alone element of people’s lives – it‟s simply part of them. It’s not something [customers] are thinking about getting round to – it’s as normal as having a cup of tea,” said Paul Kelly, director of corporate responsibility & external affairs at Asda.

Martin Chilcott, founder and CEO of 2degrees said: “Asda-Walmart‟s leadership in creating the Exchange represents an important step for the retailer, enabling it to increase the resilience of its supply chains against the growing risks, including resource scarcity. The Asda Sustain & Save Exchange represents a shift from the more traditional model of transactional activity with suppliers to a more collaborative way of working – a trend that we are seeing right across the retail sector.

“2degrees will provide a managed programme with a private space for collaborative problem-solving and peer-to-peer learning for Asda and its suppliers. The programme will equip them with relevant and valuable ideas and tools through webinars, case studies and forum discussions to help them increase their water, energy and waste efficiencies.”

According to 2degrees, the Exchange will enable suppliers to explore more sustainable and efficient methods for energy, water and waste management; delivering efficiencies across the supply chain. 

It will redefine relationships with suppliers, with the potential for shared buying, logistics and category learning – enabling suppliers to become more efficient and profitable businesses, better positioned to supply Asda and its customers, it said.

The Exchange is being piloted with 70 of Asda’s fresh foods suppliers with a view to to rolling it out across the supply chain.