Asda set to improve relevance of online offer, says home shopping director

Asda apps: shoppers helped build them

Asda apps: shoppers helped build them

Asda is launching new technology on its website – – which is designed to make online shopping more relevant to customers.

Speaking at the IGD’s Trading in a Digital World event, Kieran Shanahan, home shopping director at Asda, said the technology will be used to target customer segments, for example, a pet owner; and It will enable Asda to explore how innovating online influences the behaviour in-store. For example, a shopper can build up a shopping basket online, print it off and then use it to budget an in-store shop, he said.

Shanahan said Asda has developed its online business by listening to customers – about how they want to shop and live their lives – and then making it more convenient.

According to Shanahan, Asda has reviewed every stage of its process and focused on execution.

As a result, it has improved its accuracy of online orders over the last 15 months.

“We measure accuracy when it matters to the customer, when they unpack their shopping and put it into their cupboards,” he said.

Shanahan said Asda’s accuracy on availability is now 95% plus and on time deliveries 96% plus.

“That resonates with customers because it drives loyalty,” he said.

According to Shanahan, consumers are cash poor and time poor and technology has a role to play in making lives easier.

Mobile, in particular, does this, he said. However, he stressed the importance of an easy to use app, which customers can use to make lists, which they may start in store and finish on a phone or iPad.

Shanahan said customers liked Asda’s apps because “they helped us build them”.

On Asda’s plans to roll out Wi-Fi into stores, Shanahan said it endorsed the blending of the online and offline worlds.

“We don’t see online business as separate from our stores because our customers don’t,” he said. “Shopping is shopping regardless of the channel they wish to use.”

Shanahan said Asda has also made it easy for customers to collect their shopping with grocery click and collect (100 grocery collection points at stores by Christmas) as well as for general merchandise.

“Collection will become as important as delivery,” he said; and forecast growth in click and collect concepts for their ability to alleviate the frustration of online shopping.