Asian brand distribution specialist, Beauterama, to launch Delphis Eco detergent in Taiwan


Beauterama Trading, the Asian brand distribution specialist, will be launching Delphis Eco, the UK’s leading ecological detergent brand at the 2014 Taiwan International Green Industry Show on 6 October 2014 marking the brand’s first entry into the Asian market.

Manufactured in the UK, Delphis Eco has one of the largest range of environmentally friendly detergents accredited by the EU Ecolabel, the pan-European official green label governed by the European Commission. Produced in super concentrates with a high dilution capability, Delphis Eco is especially designed for large commercial, industrial, educational and public facilities, such as hotels, office buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, parks and recreational grounds. Its core products include a multi-purpose cleaner, anti-bacterial sanitiser and washroom cleaner, which are packaged in 2-20 litre drums.

“We are delighted to have Delphis Eco on board,” said Kevin Liu, general manager of Beauterama. “it is the perfect addition to our portfolio of brands which include domestic detergents, personal care, essential oils, home and giftware all of which are produced in accordance with strict environmental, health and safety standards. The Asian consumer is becoming increasingly educated about the benefits of environmentally friendly products and we believe Delphis Eco is the right brand to target the huge commercial opportunity.”

Delphis Eco is claimed to enable its customers to adopt environmentally friendly cleaning practices without necessarily increasing costs. Its commitment to super concentrates not only helps the environment, but also saves on purchasing, transportation and inventory costs. It is this pragmatic approach which Beauterama believes will appeal in Asia.

“It falls in line with increasing interest in corporate social responsibility and sustainability programmes, enabling organisations to meet green purchasing requirements and enhancing environmental, health and safety standards, while managing budgets effectively.  We are actively seeking other brands to target this market opportunity.”

Delphis Eco products are biodegradable (in accordance with European Union Regulation 648/2004), containing only sustainable and non-hazardous substances. The brand is committed to protecting water and aquatic life, which are at severe risk from toxic chemicals commonly used in conventional cleaning products. Delphis Eco’s multi-purpose cleaner, for instance, replaces ammonia with plant-based ingredients that are 90% biodegradable in just 12 days.  Whilst entirely recyclable, the limited use of plastic packaging helps to reduce landfill by up to 95% and carbon emissions by 20 times compared with conventional cleaning products.

Delphis Eco has been a Royal Warrant holder since 2013 following five years of supplying its products to the Royal Household and has also worked with the Sustainable Restaurants Association and leading food services company 3663 on several pioneering sustainability projects.