ASOS rolls out performance testing solution with TestPlant and Intechnica

TestPlant, the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools, and Intechnica, IT performance experts, has announced that their combined performance testing solution has been recognized for its success by global online fashion retailer, ASOS. The companies have delivered a system that provides end-to-end performance testing of ASOS’s global e-commerce platforms.

ASOS sells over 80,000 branded and own-brand products through localized mobile and web experiences, delivering from fulfilment centers in the UK, US, Europe and China to almost every country in the world.

For ASOS, TestPlant’s eggPlant Performance tool is used in conjunction with Intechnica’s TrafficSpike system to performance test the entire ASOS customer journey from browsing through to payment. Testing of the retailer’s eCommerce systems is conducted globally and across all platforms, using Agile methodology. 

“Intechnica have been an invaluable partner over the last 7 years delivering and executing strategic and tactical consultancy assignments against our most critical IT systems,” said Clifford Cohen, CIO at ASOS. “Intechnica understand our business problems and through their technical expertise, assure our applications deliver not only an excellent user experience but also protect and maximise our revenues.”

Ideally suited to retail and e-commerce applications, eggPlant Performance ensures that cloud and server based systems will continue to work, perform, and provide an excellent user experience (UX) with hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users. For ASOS, Intechnica utilize the integration between eggPlant and TrafficSpike to assure performance across business critical applications, leading to shorter time-to-market, improved customer experience, and maximum revenues though peak trading.

“A modern, flexible and comprehensive performance testing tool coupled with expert analysis and recommendations is absolutely essential to ensuring customer satisfaction and revenue protection in the online retail sector,” said Ian Molyneaux, head of performance, Intechnica. “Time and time again we’ve found eggPlant Performance to be an excellent tool for the job, as proven through our work for ASOS.”

“Performance testing is a critical factor for successful digital transformation in online retail,” said Antony Edwards, TestPlant CTO. “eggPlant Performance aligned with the expertise provided by Intechnica, effectively manages the performance testing, increasing productivity and allowing ASOS to spend more time looking at what really matters – improving the user experience of their applications.”