Aurora Fashions to launch website in Netherlands and exit existing concessions

Coast: launching online in the Netherlands alongside Oasis and Warehouse

Coast: launching online in the Netherlands alongside Oasis and Warehouse

Aurora Fashions, the group behind UK fashion brands Coast, Oasis and Warehouse, is launching a Dutch version of its multi-brand e-commerce website,

Ahead of the launch in the Netherlands, Aurora will exit 11 Oasis and Warehouse concessions in the country’s department store chain Vroom and Dressman over the summer.

A local language, multi-brand e-commerce site will be rolled out in September 2012 and follows the launch of multi-brand websites in Germany, the US and Australia. 

According to Aurora Fashions, the decision is in line with the group’s innovative omni-channel retail strategy for 2012, which aims to drive international presence and growth for all three brands via a ‘right-fit’ market approach, without always relying on a traditional bricks and mortar footprint.

The andotherbrands website provides a one-stop-shop for all of the brands, allowing customers to shop using one basket and combined checkout. Aurora Fashions claims it delivers a more compelling aggregated consumer offering and, supported by a distribution system and local payment terms, guarantees a strong brand experience in any given international market.

Mike Shearwood, CEO of Aurora Fashions, said, “Omni-channel isn’t multi-channel by default; it’s also about adopting an intelligent approach to market presence that provides the best customer journey. Based on the success of our existing multiple brand sites, we believe we can best serve the customer and accelerate growth in the Netherlands with an online only approach in the short- to mid-term.”