Austin Reed selects ConcretePlatform to drive sales and manage brand globally

Austin Reed win

Austin Reed win

Austin Reed Group has chosen ConcretePlatform to drive its sales through the careful management and measurement of its global brand activity. 

ConcretePlatform will provide Austin Reed with a powerful mix of brand support and brand protection, known as Brand Telemetry, to optimise the trading results for its international partners.

By centralising all of Austin Reed’s digital content and a broad selection of workflow processes in a single cloud-based location, ConcretePlatform said it will provide the hub for Austin Reed’s licensees, franchisees, partners and international stockists across the globe to access internal collateral.

ConcretePlatform is claimed to be world’s first Brand Telemetry platform for global brands. Offered as a subscription-based cloud service, ConcretePlatform allows brands to work with the extended enterprise securely and easily, whether wholesale, franchise or wholly-owned markets, as well as the vast supply network that supports today’s retail community. 

The Austin Reed Group, first founded in the city of London in 1900, is comprised of three core businesses: CC, Viyella and Austin Reed. It trades from over 300 stores in the UK and has been trading internationally since 1929. In addition, the Group has over 2,500 international stockists across the globe, all of which combine to provide annual revenues of more than £190m.

Tristan Rogers, CEO of ConcretePlatform, said: “With ConcretePlatform, we are able to provide Austin Reed with a single, secure location for measuring and managing its brand activity across all of its markets, so that the company can drive sales and support its international partners more effectively. As well as supporting Austin Reed’s ambitions for further international expansion into key retail markets, Austin Reed will also leverage the visual nature of ConcretePlatform to promote the brand’s heritage by showcasing an extensive archive of images and videos.” 

Mark Nevill, international director at Austin Reed, said: “ConcretePlatform will enable us to replace a number of our manual processes with a dedicated Brand Telemetry platform that will enable us to use our time and resources much more effectively, without having to employ additional staff. As such, we are confident ConcretePlatform will allow us to improve the productivity of our international team and attract future partners, and also play a key role in fuelling our growth into new markets such as China and the US.”

Austin Reed signed a three-year subscription agreement that includes eight hours of Concrete Continuous Care per month. This added support will provide the entire Austin Reed team with access to ConcretePlatform experts who will ensure that the company is able to maximise the benefits of this investment.