Australian guilt-free carbohydrate brand launches in Morrisons


Slendier, a leading brand of superfood noodles and pasta in Australia, is making its UK debut in Morrisons enabling carb-lovers, paleo diet devotees and coeliac sufferers to enjoy a healthier alternative to traditional wheat varieties.

The Slendier range includes quick to prepare konjac noodles, rice and pasta and Ready-to-Eat meals. Fat, sugar and gluten free, Slendier is ideal for dieters and coeliac disease sufferers. It’s vegan friendly and is just 12 calories per 125g serving.

It’s taken Australia and New Zealand by storm, two countries synonymous with a healthy lifestyle, and is now enjoyed across the world with the company seeing an impressive 58 per cent growth across the range in the last quarter*.

The konjac pasta ranges are currently on sale with prices starting from £2.50 RRP, with the ready to eat meals available from £4.50 RRP.

Erica Hughes, Slendier managing director has been instrumental in taking the products to more than 20 countries since acquiring the company in 2017. She commented: “Through research and feedback from our customers, we know that anyone who eats Slendier as a replacement for rice and pasta has lost weight and kept it off. And they’ve done this without feeling hungry or like they were missing out.

“Slendier allows those seeking a healthier lifestyle a product which is quick to prepare and tastes great. It also has a broader appeal with people who are managing health-related ways of eating, such as diabetes and FODMAP diet plans, vegans and those who are gluten intolerant.”

The Slendier range

The konjac range of pasta, noodles and rice uses flour made from the konjac plant, making it significantly lower in calories and carbohydrates than wheat varieties. Natural fibre in the konjac plant keeps you full for longer as it slowly releases sugar into the bloodstream, helping to lower insulin and blood glucose levels, perfect for diabetics. Not only that but it’s quick to prepare – simply drain, soak in hot water and serve.

And for those on the go, Slendier’s delicious ready-to-eat meals are less than 60 calories per serve and include three traditional Italian recipes using the brand’s much-loved fettuccine konjac pasta. Vegan, low-fat, sugar-free, gluten-free and a great source of fibre, each meal takes less than two minutes to cook in the microwave. What’s more, as they only require refrigeration when opened, they are a great option for quick and nutritious food on the go.