Award-winning apple, Rubens, returns to supermarket shelves

Rubens apples on sale in supermarkets

Rubens apples on sale in supermarkets

Apple variety, Rubens, named Britain’s tastiest apple by the National Fruit Show, is going on sale in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and The Co-operative stores this month.

The award-winning flavour is described as a blend of the classic apple tang with a hint of melon. According to Norman Collett, the Kent-based company which markets the Rubens, the apple is also easier to eat because it fractures naturally when bitten.

The Rubens apples are grown on nine farms in Kent, chosen for their consistent quality levels and environmental credentials, said the company.

Health-wise, Rubens are said to be richer in nutritious minerals than other apples, it adds. As part of a ‘managed pollination’ project, the apples have  a higher calcium content, among other benefits, it said.