Award winning peanut butter brand adds new product to its expanding range

Award-winning peanut butter brand ManiLife has extended its range with the second instalment of its flavoured peanut butter range, Rich Cocoa Crunchy.  

Rolling out in 152 Waitrose stores and available direct from the ManiLife website at an RRP of £3.99, the product will be stocked on shelves from this week. 

The unique blend of Tanzanian cocoa powder and ManiLife’s signature deep roast peanuts creates a subtly sweet, nutty flavour combined with a mouth-watering mix of creamy and crunchy textures. 

This follows the success of ManiLife’s first launch into the flavoured peanut butter category last year, with its Rich Cocoa Smooth. The SKU sold out on owned channels within the first 2 days of launch and now accounts for 16% of all ManiLife sales through Sainsbury’s.*

Commenting on the launch, ManiLife founder Stu Macdonald said: “Whilst taste is paramount, ManiLife goes beyond sourcing the finest ingredients. It’s about sourcing ingredients with context, with genuine emotive stories behind them. Our Rich Cocoa range is a perfect example of this – the tastiest cocoa powder on the planet layered with a story we are proud to shout about!” 

With peanut butter usage expanding outside the traditional breakfast occasion, this versatile SKU can be used in a range of ways including savoury dishes, snacking and dipping sauces.

Ethically sourced from the Kilombero Valley in Tanzania, the cocoa is 100% traceable to its individual farmers, known by name to the ManiLife team. The cooperative of small-scale farmers, brought together by Kokoa Kamili, provides the finest wet cocoa, with farmers paid at a price that is premium to fair trade wages, following the same sourcing ethos as ManiLife peanuts. 

Macdonald continues: “A lot of research has gone into the development, and we found that we’ve tapped into new demographics with our Rich Cocoa Smooth with the product over-indexing with the family market, when we usually perform better younger audiences. Just six months after launching, we’re proud to have launched our second variation of the product due to its popularity. 

“We’re confident that our products will continue to appeal to a mass market looking to introduce a bit of premium into their everyday lifestyle with a product that’s taste is worth investing in. The quality of ManiLife is accelerating peanut butter’s move away from being just a spread towards a staple ingredient in mains, sides and deserts! We have even more NPD planned for this year that could be the secret ingredient in levelling up your next recipe, so watch this space!”

Different from other shop-bought peanut butters, ManiLife has learned from the wine and coffee worlds to elevate its peanut butter, creating a new benchmark. The brand is proud to work with its good friends at a single, family-run estate in Argentina, as well as cocoa farmers from Tanzania to ensure the highest quality and utmost traceability in all its products. Its peanuts are roasted for a deeper, more intense flavour by master peanut roasters here in the UK, then blended in small batches for stand-out quality and taste. 

This is the sixth new product the brand has released since launching its Original Roast Crunchy out of a rugby club kitchen in 2015, with more NPD planned before the end of the yea