Baby wholesaler brand returns home to deliver superior shopping experiences to new and growing families

Kidcentral Supply is returning to the Brightpearl family as the business aims to deliver baby and maternity products to a widening segment of specialist and mainstream retailers, and to enhance its end-to-end customer experience.

A leading source in wholesale and distribution, the Kidcentral Supply prides itself on supplying the right products, at the right time for each individual retailer’s requirements. With Brightpearl back in place, the business regains access to a complete operations platform for wholesale and distribution with the flexibility to be tailored to an ever-changing environment.

Brightpearl will also resolve a number of pain points for the business, with the platform offering real-time insight into order management, accounting and inventory, all features considered as being essential requirements for the firm’s next stage of growth. 

Brightpearl works with a wide range of wholesalers, improving their agility by streamlining operations, optimizing their inventory, multi-channel strategy and customer experience. For Kidcentral Supply, it was this specialism that was missing from its former provider, which made the decision to switch back to Brightpearl an easy one. 

“We are over the moon to be back with Brightpearl, it’s perfect for our growing business,” said Nicola Barnett, owner of  Kidcentral Supply.

With a quick go live time, Kidcentral Supply is once again using Brightpearl to automate the flow of information about its customers, create greater efficiency in its operations and serve its customers faster and more seamlessly.

“Being back with Brightpearl is like finding those old favorite slippers you knew you always loved”, adds Nicola. “Already we are finding that the business is running more efficiently and we have a much better understanding of our customers. The future is looking Bright with Brightpearl.”

SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl, Justin Press, says: “Kidcentral Supply operates  within a continuously changing retail landscape alongside rapid logistical evolution. In this climate, the business rightly understands how critical it is to have real time insight into customer data to support informed decision making. We’re delighted that Kidcentral has returned to the fold and excited to see what’s next for the company. With Brightpearl in place  the team can once again focus on strategy and growth.”