Badger Ales launches first beer in new series of limited edition collector’s ales

New premium packaging for first collector's ale

New premium packaging for first collector’s ale

Badger Ales has launched the first product in its collector’s ales series with the premium packaging developed by design agency BrandOpus.

Designed to be the perfect gift for the discerning ale lover, the launch of this limited edition premium ale follows on from the award winning redesign of the Badger brand by BrandOpus, which rolled out onto shelves in February 2012. 

Brewed using the special Boadicea, Bramling Cross and Goldings hops and matured in a Somerset Cider Brandy Company oak cask, the ale comes in a 750cl Champagne bottle housed in a wooden presentation box. 

The 10.7% ale is one of the first ales produced in the UK to undergo three fermentations as well as full riddling and disgorging, which is normally only carried out by the finest Champagne houses, and can be drunk immediately or can be laid down for many years to mature.

Inspired by this BrandOpus said it created an all-naturally sourced packaging design, which reflects the hibernation of countryside animals: the champagne bottle is presented in an oak case, embellished with fragments of the Badger identity, said to be reflective of the yesteryear crates that Badger was once delivered in.

To celebrate the number of years Hall & Woodhouse has been brewing, 235 bottles of the Collector’s Edition 2012 will be released, each bottle hand-numbered and signed by chairman Mark Woodhouse upon a leaf-like swing tag which picks up on the countryside equities of the Badger brand, and which is attached to the neck of the bottle with twine.

The Collector’s Edition 2012 is the first in the series which will be released annually, it will be exclusively available from and will retail at £50.00 plus postage and packaging.

Anna Corbett, brand marketing manager at Hall & Woodhouse, said: “A beautiful and considered design that delivers a rustic yet distinctive sense of occasion to be savoured, much like this very special beer.”