Bakedin goes bigger on bread with new pretzel kit

Bakedin, Britain’s favourite baking kit company, has taken on the baking aisle once again, with the launch of its new Soft Pretzel Kit. Building on its mission to make the UK a nation of bread bakers, the new pretzel kit follows the successful launch of last year’s monthly Bread Clubsubscription club, which now has more than 20,000 members. .

With the UK turning to baking peak-pandemic – YouGov figures found that 27m adults took to baking during the first lockdown – bread emerged as the nation’s most popular bake overall, with 37% of home bakers adding this to their skillset.  

The Soft Pretzel Kit contains all the dry ingredients home bakers need to make 8 tasty salted pretzels, and instructions on how to knead and shape the distinctive classic pretzel shape. Each pretzel is then soaked in a bath of bicarbonate of soda before baking, giving them their characteristic flavour, texture and the shiny deep brown crust everyone loves. Bakers have the option to add a topping of choice… chocolate sauce anyone? 

The savoury treats build on Bakedin’s signature approach, which is all about fuss-free baking with no food waste.

Joe Munns, CEO and founder of Bakedin, says: “We all know the UK went baking-mad last year. We’ve found there’s an increased focus on what baked goods can offer consumers’ lives whether it’s emotional wellbeing, environmental impact or just a moment of happy creativity. Our pretzels respond to all those needs, alongside a willingness in consumers to be more adventurous and ambitious in their bakes!”

Bakedin’s Soft Pretzel Kit is available from Tesco for £2.50.