Bar-Be-Quick launches environmentally-friendly briquettes


Bar-Be-Quick, creator of the first instant barbecue, has launched Wood Free Briquettes, its first 100% sustainable briquettes, which are made from a combination of coconut husk, mango stones and corn stover.

The CO2-neutral briquettes are formulated from entirely natural ingredients, which would otherwise go to waste. They are made using the shells, husks that are left over from coconut processing, as well as mango stones and corn cobs and stalks left behind after harvesting, making them an eco-friendly alternative to charcoal and other briquettes.

They are odourless, free from chemicals and offer a clean burn with low smoke and a longer burn time than conventional wood charcoal, and ideal for slower cooks. They also have a longer, hotter burn, with an average of five hour burn time when used in a smoker or kettle barbecue.

Paul Keighley, Managing Director  of Bar-Be-Quick, said: “We pride ourselves on being an environmentally-minded business – we were the first UK charcoal supplier to be awarded Forest Stewardship Council certification –by offering the Wood Free Briquettes, we are taking one step further into offering sustainable products.

“The briquettes are created using materials that otherwise would have gone to waste.  They are manufactured in a sustainable manner with no harm to the environment and we’re very proud we can offer this renewable product. They are great quality – they provide an excellent heat transfer and consistent temperature, making them perfect for barbecuing. We’re currently looking into other potential formulas using other waste materials as we continue to become more sustainable as a business.”

The briquettes will be available for the 2020 summer season at a number of high street retailers.

Bar-Be-Quick produces and supplies a range of charcoal and fuels, including lumpwood charcoal and lighting gel, as well as selling a range of instant and charcoal barbecues.