Barloworld Supply Chain Software launches integrated transport optimisation tool for supply networks

A new integrated transport planning solution has launched following a successful trial with a global logistics provider, giving supply chain and logistics organisations the combined benefits of network design and routing technology in a single, effective solution.

The new CAST Routing module was developed by Barloworld Supply Chain Software, a leading provider of strategic and tactical supply chain solutions, utilising technology from the specialist logistics services support provider, DPS International.

Specifically designed to meet industry demand for a single, cost-effective solution, it enables supply chain and logistics organisations to plan their networks and create the optimal design for routing and scheduling. In an initial pilot, the new tool reduced modelling time by 50%, while enabling the leading third-party logistics firm to continually model and validate information accurately and efficiently throughout the transport optimisation process.

Bringing together strategic network design and tactical routing using a single dataset, the solution works seamlessly in a single platform. As a result, supply chain and logistics firms using Barloworld Supply Chain Software’s CAST Solution no longer need to invest in a network design and cost optimisation simulation tool and a separate system to tactically plan their routing and scheduling.

“Typically, 3PLs and other companies running multi-drop delivery operations invest in multiple technologies,” said Fraser Ironside, head of strategic modelling “Drawing on a single set of data, this new tool combines the strategic cost decision element of CAST with DPS International’s tactical Route Optimiser routing and scheduling tool, giving users a single, effective integrated transport planning platform.”

Using the new CAST Routing tool, organisations will have the capability to size and profile the optimal fleet mix, allocate demand to network and vehicle mode considering end-to-end costs and capacities and validate strategic networks with real-world data on operational transport and delivery time. As the industry trial highlighted, the new tool has also proven to significantly speed up the time required to carry out strategic and tactical solution design.

“Barloworld Supply Chain Software’s proven industry solutions support a wide range of international businesses with their strategic design and tactical decisions,” said Paul Palmer, CEO and founder of DPS International. “Now, its innovative CAST platform is fully-equipped with the full functionality of our award-winning logistics and Route Optimisation Software, giving users a complete solution in a single software platform.”