Baskin-Robbins expands franchise network with new Manchester shop

Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, has opened a new shop in Manchester, located at 191, Wilmslow Road. To celebrate, Baskin-Robbins franchisee Vikram Seth from Graviss Group will open the store on Saturday, August 29 at 1pm.

As a long-time fan of the brand and experienced franchisee, Vikram is excited to share Baskin-Robbins’ world-class ice cream flavours, including favorites like Pralines ‘n Cream and Jamoca Almond Fudge, custom ice cream cakes, frozen beverages and ice cream sundaes with the community of Manchester. The new restaurant on Wilmslow Road will be open from 3pm – Midnight Monday to Sunday.

“Having passionate and dedicated franchisees is key to Baskin-Robbins’ success,” said Jim Johnstone, general manager of Dunkin’ Brands UK. “Gaurav is enthusiastic, engaged with the brand and shares our love for ice cream – all qualities that represent the essence of Baskin-Robbins.”

“Ice cream is a delicious treat for all ages, so we’re very excited to be able to celebrate this official grand opening with the Manchester community” said Vikram Seth from Graviss Group, Baskin-Robbins franchisee. He continued: “We can’t wait to share the famous Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavours, sundaes and ice cream cakes with all of the local Manchester residents.”

Baskin-Robbins currently has more than 150 locations in the UK, including free-standing restaurants as well as concession locations in other shops and Cineworld cinemas. The shops offer Baskin-Robbins’ famous selection of ice cream flavours as well as a wide array of frozen treats, including ice cream cakes, frozen beverages and ice cream sundaes. The brand continues to recruit qualified franchisees to help it expand its presence across the UK.