Baxters launches year-round price-marked packs

Baxters: all-year-round price-marked packs

Baxters is launching a range of all-year-round price marked packs as part of its commitment to develop business with independent retailers.

There are 29 products in the line up including beetroot  and top-selling Favourites soup range.

According to Baxters, the launch will provide customers with a range shoppers will have confidence in maximise the opportunity for growth and increased rate of sale. The availability of price marked pack all year round will ensure more effective stock management across the trade, it says.

Peter Sparrow, head of sales, non-multiples said: “As further demonstration of Baxters’ commitment to the independent trade, we are launching a range of price marked packs available all year round. This range includes our best selling lines across key ranges. The price marked packs offer excellent consumer value and attractive profit for both the wholesaler and independent retailer alike. Our research has shown sales of price marked packs are 66% higher than that achieved on the standard equivalent and this will result in significant rate of sale increases for all parties within the supply chain.”

Petty Wood, Baxters’ distributor partner, will be supplying the range to independents.

Nick Peters, senior brand manager, Petty Wood, said: “The new Baxters all-year-round price marked pack range is a competitive offering, providing great value to the consumer.”