Beautiful businesses have five key dimensions, says brand agency in new book

Directors at UK brand agency, Dragon Rouge, have written a new book, which looks at five dimensions they claim seem to unite the success of many great companies, beyond the well-established quantitative business markers.

Business is Beautiful is described as a must-read for anyone who questions the point of meetings, bridles at the endless reams of research data that appear to complicate rather than enlighten and who, at the end of it all, enjoys story telling as a way to communicate the heroics of beautiful businesses.

The five authors from Dragon Rouge say they have spent most of their careers working with top-flight organisations in the pursuit of brand excellence. At every step there’s been a need to quantify, measure, justify and even model the causes and effects of what makes businesses great. Until now, not much time has been spent studying the hidden ‘unmeasurables’ in the success story – what happens as a result of human endeavour? How does creativity flow to ignite centuries of amazing performance? How do we link the hardness of measurement with the art of the often difficult to explain tipping points in the life of a company? These questions are said to be addressed in Business is Beautiful.

Revealing interviews with individuals at the forefront of business such as BMW, Rabobank, 3M, Conde Nast, Opower, and many other fascinating companies bring the Dragon Rouge ‘beautiful business’ thinking to life. 

“In among the prescriptive methodologies and quantifiable measurement models, we’ve seen at first hand those businesses that surprise and delight, entertain and encourage, and that are relevant and sustainable for the future, all possess more human values. We wanted to capture their thinking, to demonstrate how beautiful businesses stand apart, and what it is that makes them beautiful,” said Jean-Baptiste Danet, global CEO, Dragon Rouge.

Business is Beautiful examines 20 businesses which all possess the hallmarks of beautiful business – integrity, prosperity, craft, elegance, and curiosity –  to present a compelling case that business achievement goes beyond standard business  measures such as profit and loss.

Business is Beautiful: The hard art of standing apart by Jean-Baptiste Danet, Nick Liddell, Lynne Dobney, Dorothy MacKenzie and Tony Allen is published by LID Publishing on 11 April 2013 in the UK. It is available in hardback, with illustrations by Noma Bar, and priced at £19.99.