Beauty bars are open, but Brits could save £1,500 a year by not going back, Barclaycard reports


Although nail bars, beauty and tanning salons have opened their doors, new research has revealed that Brits are set to save nearly £1,500 by continuing to do their beauty and grooming at home.

The research, commissioned by Barclaycard, reveals that nearly a quarter (23%) of Brits admit that, even with lockdown restrictions lifted and new beauty services available, they still plan to reduce how much they spend on their appearance going forward. For those who prefer to be more frugal than fancy, the biggest savings will be made on spray tans – an average of £226 each year per person, followed by nail treatments such as manicures, gels and acrylic nails, with an average saving of £193 a year, and massages at £179 a year per person.

Totalled together, thrifty Brits believe they could save a staggering £1,407 each if they cut back on all of the below services*.

Self-grooming savings Brits expect to make in the next year:

Products/servicesAverage annual savings(Per person for those who expect to save money)
Spray tans£225.80
Nail treatments£193.40
Blow dries£177.90
Hair colouring£152.10
Personal grooming£127.40
Dental hygiene (teeth whitening/cleaning)£121.50

Source: Barclaycard July 2020 

The research also reveals that because lockdown forced people to take time away from their usual grooming routines, some have grown more confident with their natural looks.

Working from home has helped boost self-confidence, as nearly a quarter (23%) say they now feel more confident in their natural looks. This increases to 25% for women, compared to 20% of men, and over half (52%) of these women cite being used to seeing themselves without any make-up on as the main reason for this. Of those who feel more confident, 28% say that’s because they don’t feel the need to get made up as they are happy with how they look.

Esme Harwood, director at Barclaycard, said: “Lockdown has meant that many Brits have had to adapt to life without their usual beauty regimes, as nail bars and salons temporarily shut their doors. Many have found the experience to be a positive one and are now planning to spend less on their usual beauty or grooming routine or choosing to do their own instead. 

“It will be interesting to see if this is a long-term change, or if the temptation of a getting a quick spray tan or professional manicure sees Brits return to their pre-lockdown routines.”