Beckleberry’s makes 2017 tub debut with Blackcurrant & Liquorice sorbet

This Spring (mid April) sees family-owned ice cream buffs Beckleberry’s launch its first new tubbed dessert for 2017, an intensely involving blackcurrant & liquorice sorbet.

Peter and Ian Craig’s decision to extend their award-winning sorbet portfolio comes at an interesting time for UK premium ice cream & sorbets, with an ever-expanding chasm forming between the ‘healthier living’ and the ‘indulgent & proud’ camps.

Whilst the indulgent treat camp might suggest there’s ‘an unhealthy obsession with health,’ and that a growing demand for ‘shared, night in’ treats has resulted in luxury eating occasions accelerating by +26% since 2014, others would point towards the growing gaggle of stylish, protein-rich/dairy-free/sugar alternative desserts that can’t be sidelined forever.

‘We’ve always believed that when it comes to premium-tier desserts indulgence and health needn’t be mutually exclusive,’ exclaims Beckleberry’s MD, Peter Craig, ‘which might help explain the meteoric success of our award-winning sorbets! On the one hand we’ll never settle for inferior or second best ingredients and yet we’ve always focused on more intense, adult-orientated palates (Tarragon & Passion Fruit, Sour Cherry & Amaretto and Blackcurrant & Kirsch) that preclude the need for unappetizing synthetic flavours or deploying sugar as a lazy masking agent.’   

Beckleberry’s believes that for far too long sorbets have had to play second fiddle to ice cream, blighted by a chequered UK culinary history of citric acid and painfully predictable flavour formats.  ‘Of course,’ concludes Peter, ‘we don’t always get it right!  Thankfully Curried Pineapple and Parsnip & Balsamic Vinegar never made it beyond our new flavour facility, and yet despite the occasional setback we’ve never lost our appetite to champion bold (occasionally improbable) flavour liaisons.’

Blackcurrant & Liquorice certainly meets Beckleberry’s ‘unlikely bedfellas’ criteria yet moves them in a slightly new direction exploring super ingredients with potentially beneficial properties, health benefits that aren’t unduly diminished when frozen.

Blackcurrants top many scientific charts courtesy of their rich in potassium, iron and vitamin B profile, not to mention the beneficial antioxidants that are believed to counter, eye strain, heart disease and muscle recovery whilst liquorice for its part is believed to counter fatigue and exhaustion.