Beer promotions are most effective way to attract customers, Tiendeo online catalogue platform finds


Filling the shopping trolley is one of the main drains on the average annual household budget. It is therefore no surprise that the supermarkets category is the most viewed on all the Tiendeo platforms with over 28m catalogues visited monthly.

Of all the grocery products that people search for on the platform, alcoholic beverages account for 45% off total global searches. Within this group the main protagonist is beer. On average, 33% of users make this search each month.

The products most searched for at the point of purchase

Alongside alcohol, other products which Tiendeo users around globe search for most frequently include nappies (19%) and olive oil (7%). This is because, along with alcohol, these products are common to a great number of households and they are products which can also make the biggest dent in the pockets of consumers.

The most searched nappy brands

Pampers is the brand of nappies most searched for by users worldwide. It also takes the lead for the number of searches in several European countries, such as Britain, Germany, Italy and France. It is also the most common nappy brand amongst shopping lists in the USA.

For its part Huggies also has a prominent global position, but its influence is more focused in Latin America. For example, for users in Mexico and Chile it is the benchmark brand in their shopping list. However, in certain countries, as in the case of Argentina, this brand shares the top spot with Pampers.

Dodot, the third largest global brand, has a strong presence in the countries of southern Europe. Certainly in Spain and Portugal, users tend to include more searches for it in relation to the usual household purchases.

Most commonly offered products

Business are aware of the importance alcoholic beverages, nappies and cooking oil represent in the family budget. According to data from, these three products share the same positions in the ranking of interest by both consumers and businesses themselves. Alcoholic beverages account for 74% of all the promotions, followed by nappies (10%) and oil (9%).