Belgian confectionery supplier launches Chocolate Alchemist brand

Chocolate Alchemist: new range

Chocolate Alchemist: new range

Specialist confectionery supplier of fine Belgian chocolate and confectionery, House of Sarunds, has expanded its current offer by launching a new range under the Chocolate Alchemist brand.  

Timed for the Christmas gift market, this new range is said to be full of interesting and quirky flavours. Complete with new eye-catching retro packaging, the Chocolate Alchemist range has been designed to appeal to the most discerning chocolate lover.

The new range of handmade premium Belgian chocolate includes eight mini (42 – 45g) chocolate bars, six large solid bars (80g) and two boxes of chocolate flakes (450g). Flavours include Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Puree and Hazelnuts Praline (44g), Milk Chocolate with a Salted Caramel Filling (42g), White Chocolate with Spiced Cookie Cappuccino (44g), Milk Chocolate with Coconut Cream (44g), Crispy Ginger Dark Chocolate (80g) and Red Hot Chilli & Orange Dark Chocolate (80g).

Peter Martin, managing director at House of Sarunds, said: “It is really exciting to be able to bring a new Chocolate Alchemist range to market. 

“We have worked closely with our Belgian chocolate makers, who are renowned for their skill and artistry and created a unique and innovative new range of chocolate. Consumers have developed very sophisticated chocolate tastes and expect high quality chocolate at affordable prices, which is what we have delivered.

“We also took the opportunity to put the House of Sarunds stamp on the brand by refreshing the logo and redesigning the packaging. We chose a minimalistic yet stylish retro design which is very on-trend and will appeal to consumers looking for a treat as well as making an ideal small gift.  ith Christmas orders flooding in, it is a good time to offer our retailers something a bit different to help them capitalise on one of the busiest sales periods in the calendar. So far, we have had a great response to the bars from our retailers and consumers.”

The Chocolate Alchemist range is available from House of Sarunds. The mini bars weigh between 42g and 45g, RSP 99p and are sold in outers of 12. Solid large bars (80g) have the RSP of £2.29 and are sold in outers of 12. The RRP of boxes of chocolate flakes (450g) is £ 7.99 for milk flakes and £8.99 for dark flakes which are sold in outers of eight.