Belstaff partners with ‘Invisible speaker’ manufacturer Feonic

Feonic, the ‘invisible speaker’ specialist, has joined forces with British lifestyle brand Belstaff as an integral part of the company’s latest shop window campaign.

To promote Belstaff’s latest clothing range, a motorbike was placed in the window of the brand’s flagship store in London’s Regent’s Street and, to attract the attention of passers-by, Feonic’s products were used to turn the windows into a giant speaker that produced the sound of a revving motorcycle along the whole front of the shop.  Belstaff was able to carefully control the volume so that, unlike traditional speakers, there was a consistent volume, regardless of where the audience was standing.

Feonic’s patented speaker technology has become well respected in the retail marketing space and as a result the company is looking to drive forward its sales focused strategy. As part of its growth plans, Feonic has launched a £700,000 equity investment raise supported by UK-based investment platform, VentureFounders. This investment opportunity has already received more than £395,800, committed by a number of investors, including existing shareholders.

Simon Woodward, chief executive, Feonic, said: “We were delighted to work with Belstaff to support this highly innovative campaign. Our Whispering Window product is a great way of delivering high quality audio marketing messages to passing shoppers directly from their store windows and signs. Our research has shown that the use of these speakers for promotional campaigns can increase shopper engagement, footfall and sales by up to 40% in the first week of a campaign.”

James Codling, managing director, VentureFounders, said: “Examples like Belstaff show that Feonic’s technology is opening new doors for retailers to innovate in their marketing and see real results with increasing sales. We are impressed with the number of applications for Feonic’s technology and its clearly thought out plan for growing the use of technology into new markets, such as energy harvesting. By raising capital, Simon and his impressive team can continue developing Feonic’s applications and deliver them to a range of sectors, widening its market reach.”

Feonic’s proprietary and patented technology harnesses micro vibrations to turn surfaces such as windows, walls, floors and ceilings into high quality, powerful speakers. Feonic has already delivered its products into other high profile projects with top retail brands such as Selfridges, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer.