Belvoir Farm installs solar panelled roof and joins Certified Sustainable to track fate of all waste

Premium soft drinks company Belvoir Farm is continuing its drive to become carbon neutral by 2030, by installing a solar panel roof at its Leicestershire factory and joining the Certified Sustainable1 initiative, which will enable the firm to track the fate of all its waste to ensure sustainability practices are as robust as possible.

Known for its commitment to sustainable farming and pledge to minimise its impact on the planet, Belvoir Farm has just completed the installation for an array of 746 Solar Photovoltaic panels across the roof. Fitted to the roof above the bottling hall, it will generate up to one third the company’s electricity needs and is helping the business towards its goal of achieving energy independence.

As a forward-thinking company which works closely with nature and the natural habitat from which its products are sourced, Belvoir Farm is also leading the food and drink sector by joining Certified Sustainable. Since signing up earlier this summer, the company has achieved outstanding results across the board in a detailed, independent audit of its entire waste management and recycling activities. It is now also taking advantage of a meticulously detailed software system as part of the scheme, which keeps track of how the firm disposes of all its waste products, including:

  • Harvesting rainwater on the farm for irrigation
  • Recycling and repurposing waste drums into furniture
  • Returning the packaging of its glass bottles to the manufacturer to be reused for future deliveries
  • Zero waste to landfill achievement and some waste streams being used to generate more electricity

Following the audit, Certified Sustainable scored Belvoir on its waste streams, creating a hierarchy of what it is doing well and which areas it might need to improve. Achieving outstanding scores across the board, the software demonstrated that Belvoir not only recycles 100% of its packaging but also reuses 20% of its waste and recycles almost 70% of its entire waste.

The company has also replaced oil with natural gas for the factory steam boiler and Biogas for its Forklift Truck Fleet, saving 40% of the carbon emitted (they would like to go further and eventually replace this with Hydrogen).

As manufacturing companies often have numerous waste streams, the benefit of using Certified Sustainable is the ability for users to view and update its streams in one place, improving its overall waste management performance. This provides Belvoir Farm with the knowledge that its waste management streams are being maintained and examined in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Belvoir Farm, now in its 40th year, has a longstanding commitment to sustainable farming and its surrounding Lincolnshire countryside.  Their 60-acre organic elderflower plantation – the largest in the UK and from which much of their elderflower is still handpicked – is just part of the story:

  • A proud member of the Countryside Stewardship scheme which is won through living and breathing strong conservation practice: from planting wildflower species to attract pollinators, to developing wildlife corridors and allowing field margins for ground nesting birds
  • Planting trees – 2500 hardwoods and 2800 elders since 2018
  • Rainwater harvesting to keep back water for irrigation, barn owl box siting and commercial power generation through the cultivation of coppice willow
  • Growing 60 acres of short-rotation coppice willow for commercial power generation – these require no fertiliser and although they are not “organic” they are an amazing nature resource.

Belvoir Farm MD, Pev Manners, comments: “We are absolutely committed to sustainable drinks production. For us, environmental responsibility, modern day farming techniques and good business practice go hand in hand, and we are thrilled to be joining the Certified Sustainable Initiative. This shows to all our customers, colleagues and suppliers that we are serious about recycling and managing our waste streams in the most sustainable ways, as part of our overall commitment to our shared natural environment and desire to leave our farm and the world in a better place for our children.”

Rod Challis, Co-Founder of Certified Sustainable, comments: “Our goal is to, on a business-by-business basis, shine a light on the waste management process and drive positive change. Working with Belvoir has been a pleasure, it is a leading light in effective waste management and has achieved outstanding scores across the board. From working with local companies and recycling and repurposing waste drums into furniture, to returning the packaging of it glass bottles to the manufacturer to be reused for future deliveries, Belvoir has looked at its waste management in minute detail.  The business is doing all it can to safeguard the environment and we are proud to enable the brand in substantiating the fate of its waste.”